Grace and Good Fortune


Grace and Good Fortune could possibly be my epitaph. Most of my trouble has been of my own making. It’s kind of startling when I realize how many of the gifts and blessings in my life have come to me with little or no effort on my part.


For my additions on this, I think I initially mentioned to Mac that I was going for somewhere between Saving Private Ryan and David Bowie. I guess I’ll stick with that; not sure if I hit the mark but what a beautiful song Mac wrote.

By grace and good fortune
Here go I
I’ve done nothing to earn    today
You could tell by the tear    in my dear Mother’s eye
It could’a gone    either way

Why do some of us flounder    and some of us float?
Some guys just can’t catch a break
Some men are captains
And some build the boat
And others get lost in her wake

Now the angels    watching over you
They will find you where you fall
But as long as you’re tryin’
They gotta keep flyin’

There’s gotta be fifty good reasons
That you should be gone
And fifty times more for me
Ain’t it funny how reason
Just gets in the way
Of believing the things    You can’t see

You never cursed the church    when it let you down
You were broken and where were they then?
When you carried their cross    and you kissed their crown
And you prayed to their holy men

Now the angels    Watching over you
They must cry themselves to sleep
But as long as they’re flyin’
You gotta keep tryin’