The Gumshoe


The Gumshoe is the companion piece to The Watcher. The Gumshoe is loosely based on the character Harry Caul played by Gene Hackman in the early 70’s film The Conversation. In the vocals, I tried my best to channel Tom Waits but I quit smoking cigarettes years ago and I don’t really like drinking whiskey.


This was another attempt to write a piece in a specific style or genre – Film Noir. The title kind of says it all but if you need a little extra imagery just picture Humphrey Bogart leaning up against a lamp post, Fedora pulled down, lighting a cigarette; shiny streets, steam hovering over manhole covers, neon light blinking in the background. That should do it.

The captain’s gonna kill me     If I can’t crack this case
And if he don’t get me Donny will     cause I think he made my face
As soon as this is over
I’m givin’ up the gun
But first I gotta make it     to the morning sun

What a waste of moonlight     it hides behind a cloud
And this suits too tight and in a certain light     looks like a funeral shroud
These boys are desperado     but they’re not ready for a fight
And the first one in is gonna win
And we’re goin in tonight

I bought a place in Juarez     on the quiet side of town
A garden by a pool    Acacias all around
And no ones gonna find me     They’ll never know my name
I’ll disappear like dust
After the rain

This alleys like an oven     and we’re turnin up the heat
There’s a Caddy     with it’s lights off
And it’s sneakin’ down the street

I’m sensitive to light     that why I wear these shades
And that wire     runnin’ up my back
It cuts my shoulder blade
But I heard every word     every move they made and how
Guess this ain’t no game cause no ones     laughin now

You might find yourself in Juarez     on the quiet side of town
In a garden by a pool    Acacias all around
And no ones gonna find you     they’ll never know your name
You’ll disappear like dust
After the rain

There’s evil and there’s angels
Guess I fell somewhere in between
But in my side     of the story
My hands are clean