The Unknown


I wrote The Unknown at the beginning of the pandemic. It’s as much about everything in life that we have little control over as it is about the virus. It’s also a bit of a reminder that there’s always something scary out there and you’ve pushed through it before and you can do it again.


I was going for a spooky sci fi sound on the keyboard parts here, but with an early 80s pop vibe in the bass and drums. Don Henleyish snare drum sound, dontcha think?

If you’re lookin’ for answers
 You won’t find ’em here
Not from the man in the moon     or the man in the mirror
There’s no frame of reference     no map from the past
How soon is it coming?     How long will it last?

This imminent ill     has been here all along
It’s why doctors make medicines and poets write songs
It’ll shake your foundation     break you down to the bone
Your fear has a name     and its called
The Unknown

The unknown is a stranger     who rides in after dark
It sleeps in the shadows     it sleeps in the park
You can’t kill it with bullets
A sling or a stone
It’s the knock in the night
When you’re home all alone

Now someone said     someone knows the road up ahead
If you follow them blindly     you’re already dead
Like the ring of the church bell     or the ring of the phone
Your fear has a name and it’s called
The Unknown

The Unknown is tomorrow     just out of view
It’s the ghost in the closet     and it’s coming for you
It’ll smother your spirit
If you let it take hold
But your spirit is golden
Your spirit is bold
It’s as big as a mountain
It’s as strong as an oak
The Unknown’s just a story

That’s never been told