The Life


The Life is another song that Brad sent to me completely fleshed out. I was not familiar with the genre “Yacht Rock”, but when we talked about the lyrical content , we thought it would be fun to tell the story from the  perspective of a pretentious, narcissistic aristocrat. The kind of guy you might want to spit in his champagne glass when he’s not looking. Thankfully, I don’t know any of those guys.


Yes, an attempt at making a “Yacht Rock” tune! If you’re not familiar with the term get out your old 45s of bands like Pablo Cruise, Ambrosia, and Starbuck and you’re there… wind in your hair, horizontal stripes, Ralph Lauren and Lobster Newberg wafting through the air. Now you’re living The Life!

I was touched by the Dalai Lama…  I broke bread with the pope in Madrid
I never got to meet the King… but I know someone who did
I broke open a bottle of Cheval Blanc and I poured it in the sea
You should’ve seen their face when all I said was c’est la vie ….
c’est la vie

I watched the sunrise over Tokyo… Kopi Luwak in one hand
the air I breathe is rarified… you just wouldn’t understand
I signed on for safari… in the mountains of Nepal
I stalked the Golden Tiger… just to hang him on my wall

On the roof of the Burj Khalifa
overlooking the Gulf of Oman
it’s parties like this… strictly A list
A salute to bon vivant

I’ve been bored since the moment I met you
Another face with nothin to say
But I’ll smile and pretend… that we’re casual friends
’cause the camera’s pointed this way

My looks are the looks born of a legend… immune from the ravage of age
If you’re standing by me… we both better be…
center stage

In the SubSix bar… watch out below
it’s a sea of Dom Perignon
it’s parties like this… so strictly A list
A salute to bon vivant

They say money and fame is a dangerous game… it’ll bring you no peace in the end
But how would they know… they look up at the stars
Just wishing one day it was them

I am everything you’d want to be … the winner… the best of the best
And if you’re wondering if I care about you
To be honest…. I couldn’t care less

Anchored off of Corfu
On the top deck of the Azzam
Its parties like this… So strictly A list
A salute
To bon vivant