My Story


This is a snappy little pop piece. My actual story is a little more complicated than can be summed up in three verses and a couple bridges, but these lyrics are kind of simple and pretty vague and maybe that’s my story.


This is the first tune that Mac sent me to work on and it was instantly catchy. I struggled at first about what I was going to add to it until I saw my ukulele sitting in the corner. The rhythm of this tune would most accurately be described (I think) as Jamaican Dance Hall. Is it weird to have a steel guitar and a uke on a Jamaican dance tune? Nah. You can still dance to it. (You should really dance to it.)

If they ever tell my story    If they ever sing my song
I probably won’t be there    to sing along
I hope they round off all the edges    and make the third line rhyme
Humor me with harmony    and play it samba time

Maybe they’ll try harder     than I usually did
And skip the part where I was just a lost and lonely kid
Make every reference so obscure that no ones gonna guess
An occasional crescendo     followed by a lengthy rest

The bridge has gotta be
connecting you to me
And every little trip along the way
With every clever turn     of phrase you should’ve learned
It wasn’t what I said
but what I meant to say

Add a chorus at the end
sung by a choir of friends
Dancing with the Big Chief on parade
Make a righteous sound.     and when that last note comes around
Think of me and let that last note