Where to purchase

Mike your friendly web-administrator here…  Here you find but a few of the many places that you can buy The Way Out online.  There are a zillion more, too many to list.  Everywhere you turn, you can find Mac and Brad’s album in ephemeral digital form.

Or…  You can write Mac an email and he, with his own hands, the very hands that played the music you’ll love, will package up a real-world CD that’s wrapped in crystal-clear wrapping stuff and mail it to any place you specify.  A lot more of your money will wind up in the hands of the lads that did the heavy lifting and you will have something in your hands that will last forever.  Yep, your great-grandchildren could wind up with that CD and marvel at your foresight in owning your music instead of renting it from companies that no longer exist.

One last thing.  Note that we don’t track anything about you anywhere on this site and if we did, we wouldn’t share that information with anybody, ever.  The links to the digital vendors contain no Tricky Stuff.

Sold??  Click on this here PayPal link, find $15 in the couch-cushions and Mac will ship you a copy.